Wednesday, September 28, 2011

31 pairs of shoes

My parents had 31 people in their two bedroom apartment this past Saturday for Applefest.

31 people means 31 pairs of shoes of all sized at the front door.

such choice

I'm fond of the silver glitter pair there on the right

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Applefest Weekend 2011

The family ventured to Brighton Ontario for Applefest Weekend.

The main street closes for Saturday to make way for booth the sell lots and lots and lots of stuff.

This year cupcakes were popular.

Apple shaped cupcakes

Too Cool

It's true, Who doesn't love cupcakes.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Where to go from here?

I need to clear my mind and decide what I am going to accomplish from this point onward. It is a rather odd feeling as I have achieved many of my life "to dos". Where do I go from here? It is time to create an updated "life list". I dont' want to take this casually, because the original list has developed over the course of 30 years (I remember writing it over lunch, which sitting in my office at 2 Bloor E.). I also don't want to restrict my list to items that I can pop off with some effort but with no real planning or consideration. For whatever reason, I feel that I need to leave my mark, to leave some sort of notice that I was here and this is who I was. Now don't think it sounds macabre because I have no intentions of leaving this mortal coil for some time, but I want more from my life than the fact I existed. I need to spend some time with a pot (or two) of good tea, and then I will get back to you.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Wedding Cake

You know I love cake. If you didn't, then you don't know me that well. Katie and Luke (aka the Bride and Groom), asked me, Mom if I would like to take care of the cake. At one point Pam and I thought we could make it. While we could have made a spectacular wedding cake it was the transporting of same to the wedding location (hours hours away) in unknown weather (the heat) with everything else that needed to be transported (clothing, family, decor centre pieces) that I decided to call in the pros. It was worth the research and trips to Kitchener to "The Cake Box", and they made and delivered this beauty on time to the reception. The bottom layer was lemon with butter cream (it had real lemon zest in it) and the top two layers where chocolate with chocolate butter cream and raspberry puree as per the grooms request. Murray suggested the raised cake plate (a gift to the couple) and I added the garland with the mini twinkly lights. The wedding had a sunflower theme and the bakery added little texture dimples to the centre of each flower to look like the centre of a sunflower. The cake was perfect visually and tasted AMAZING. We were (and still are) very happy.