Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Canada Day

I am just a few hours early but I wanted to one of the first to wish everyone a Happy Canada Day. I thought I would share a couple of digital pics I have of Canada Day festivities I have attended in recent years.

This one was taken in Victoria BC on the lawns of their provincial Parliament building during their Canada day party. I am particularly fond of the use of the hockey stick as a flag pole. The crowd of people in the background (dressed in red and white t-shirts) were taking part in the construction of a human Canadian Flag which was photographed for the next day's newspaper.

This was taken last year on Yonge Street, here in Aurora, during our annual parade. We live in an area which has LOTS of horses so they are part of the parade down Yonge Street. And, like the sign says "Poop Happens". This lady had volunteered her time to drive the cart and scoop the poop.

I have a side of salmon on a cedar plank for the grill tomorrow, but alas, there will be no butter tarts. I need to have some control of my eating over the next few weeks.

So let me know what your plans are for this holiday weekend or just what transpires. Be safe and have fun.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just because I can

I have recently learned that many family members DO NOT read my blogs on a regular basis. I feel that this gives me the opportunity to post pics that, while not embarrassing, are just generally silly. Any picture of anyone, taken in the tire of a large truck should be shared. Why do we do such things (take the picture that is). What does it mean. The truck is big and a fantastic shade of Lottie Lime, but this is one of those images that will remain in the family archive until such times as someone looks at it and says "Oh, is that Grampa as a young dude???". "I wonder where is was taken" (on our way to Fernie, BC - Leigha's graduation for College of the Rockies -MAST Program). I have to say it was a great trip. We rented a camper (renamed "The Love Shack on Wheels), and we travelled from Calgary to Fernie, back up to Golden, then to Lake Louise and Banff and back to Calgary. On the way to spotted and documented this truck for all the grandkids who would follow who loved big trucks.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Second Half and Beyond: On a not dog related note

The Second Half and Beyond: On a not dog related note: "We have had a good quantity of rain this spring. Good for the garden, maybe a little too much for us (the bugs are happy too I might add)...."

On a not dog related note

We have had a good quantity of rain this spring. Good for the garden, maybe a little too much for us (the bugs are happy too I might add). The result of all this great moisture is that the garden is keep with my theme for the year of luscious. This hosta has produced leaves big enough to be umbrellas. It is really wonderful. Everything is a fresh and full shade of luscious green. I will share more with you. Until then, please enjoy.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day two with the "Bean"

Sorry dear readers, but you must indulge me a few days as I provide updates on life with Mr. Bean here. He as been no trouble at all. I mean, at bed time I say goodnight and point to his doggie bed and he goes to sleep. If only the grandkids were last easy. As you might notice in the picture is sits oddly, which we had thought on Saturday when we met him and his foster mom what just part of his quirky personality. Now I am concerned he might have some weakness in his hind end, so we will be visiting the vet today for his heart worm meds, a diet and exercise plan (he and I will have a biggest loser thing going on) and a rear end alinement assessment. We are also going to the dog wash as at 80 pounds there is no way I can lift him into my laundry tub and be probably won't fit anyway. Also, we would like to thank Tag and her Mom for the blueberry doggie treats they brought by yesterday. Last night on our walk I thought Beans had blueberry scented toots, but it turns out Dad had brought doggie treats in his pocket. Thank goodness. I might not have been able to eat blueberries again.

Monday, June 20, 2011

A new chapter in our family

Last night we brought home, His Nibs, Coco Beans Anderson. Yes I know the picture is on it's side I just can't figure out how to flip it over on blogspot. He is 5 years old, 80 pounds, and a real lovey. I did not do well without a d at home and when we saw Mr. Bean here on the SSREC website I knew it was meant to be. We filled out applications, provided references had a phone interview and a home visit, then it all came down to if he liked us and his foster mom's approval. All went well and I think he is as happy as we are.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ending Day & Secret Sister Reveal

It was the end of our Sorority year last night and we celebrated, as is our custom, with a night out with our sisters, and good food. Also, we revealed to our secret sisters who we were and gave them something they might enjoy over the summer. It turns out my secret sister was Sandy (I should have know from the very neat printing - Sandy teaches grade 2) and the photo is the lovely ending day gift she gave to me. Does she know me or WHAT???? Diva garden tools and cosmos in a show bottle. Perfection. Thank you so much Sandy for your kindnesses. They were appreciated greatly.

Monday, June 13, 2011

My Youngest Son is travelling

I received an email that he has arrived in Laos and that is it "crazy hot". The flight(s) was long but fun. This is a huge step out of the box for Adam as the furthest he has been away from home was Vancouver and he has never really experienced such a difference in culture, economy and life styles until today. I am doing my best to 'let him go' and explore. He has planned and saved for this adventure and it will be exciting for sure. As his Mom my only request was that I get a FB status update a couple of times a week just to know where he is and that all is well. He is keeping a journal so he can share all the details on his return. I wish I was going with him. Not as his mom but as a fellow traveller.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Red Velvet Cupcakes

I have been attending a workshop in Toronto this week, and, as is often happens, the conversation turned to food. Specifically, cupcakes. As it seems that I have a reputations for these tasty treats (did I mention that I found a bakery in the UK called .... Lottie Loves Cupcakes??? more on that on another post) while on her lunch outing, one of my fellow artists found this little number in the AGO members lounge and brought is back to studio, just for me. Yes, it looks like a red velvet cupcake, but it is made with beet juice to give it a shade of red that was unbelievable. Now when I tasted it, I got the impression that it was more dense than a cupcake, like a muffin really, but the cream cheese icing was the real deal. What a wonderful surprise, and so kind too. thank you again

Friday, June 3, 2011

Light and Happiness

According toTracy Moore and all her friends on home day on CityLine I can mix patterns and that It Is Alright. So I did. This is my kitchen table. Here is the cool stuff. The table cloths is two metres of outdoor type fabric I got at Fabricland ($4.00) The place mats are from "Loblaws" and are a couple of year old are actually all the same, I just flipped two of them over. and the lantern is a green version of the white ones we are using as part of the centre pieces for my son and future d-i-l's wedding. All of these colours compliment my new kitchen paint with is an orangie/creamy yellow. In others words ....... perfect.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Garden Treats

My friends have been good to me this week. Pam dropped by Tuesday with cookies and a 'Lottie Lime' travel mug which I will enjoy using next week at the workshop I am attending. Cyndy called me this morning and took me to the Bacon Basket Ltd. annual warehouse sale. Cookies and shopping are two things that can brighten even the darkest of days. In keeping with my word of the year - luscious - I came home with garden art. How can fat birds, dancing cranes, and colour glass not help, even a little bit???