Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Here I sit ..

No No No, not that!!!

I am filling in time while I wait for a workshop I am taking (Wet felting) at the Creativfestival this afternoon.  I'm looking forward to the workshop but I took the train into the city this morning, and, as a result arrived 5 1/2 hours early for the class.  No problem.  It's just that if I have too much time on my hands I am inclined to shop.  I resisted the urge to purchase a 2012 daytimer (I still have time), BUT, my new custom made eyeglasses (they weren't any more expensive that Hakim Optical???) will arrive in 3 weeks.  So now that I have exceed my shopping budget for the day, I sit and wait.

As I take this opportunity to observe my fellow man (I will admit it, I LOVE to people watch), I wonder, was I ever like these people, working in the downtown business core, thinking they are oh so important (who really is?), strutting their stuff.  Oh My God I do believe I was.  Maybe worse. Maybe not.  I certainly didn't have the toys then (yes I did get to carry my 2-way radio - LS1 here) but really, I never had the time to sit and chat.  Maybe I did.  I have to say though, I am feeling a bit older today.  There are kids in suits, and turned out, that are old enough to be my children.

I have to admit, since that is what I am doing at the moment, that I do enjoy a midweek trip downtown, to get my blood flowing again.  I just don't think I can do it daily anymore.  It the commute that's draining.  I could happily live downtown I just don't want to work in this frenzy.  I need calm, Moose, my garden, my studio and my kitchen.

I can't seem to wrap this ramble up, so, I will share the results of my wet felting workshop with your all tomorrow.


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