Sunday, November 20, 2011

Everyone is Waiting for Santa

Hannah and I went to the Toronto Santa Claus Parade today.  
I haven't been in maybe 15 years.
  The weather was perfect.
The promoters for Kung fu Panda handed out panda ears to the crowds.
  Brilliant marketing
picture close to half a million kids and adults all wearing your product with glee.
This little one got to stand in the middle of University Ave. (normally, I wouldn't dare cross except at the light) looking north towards Queen's Park, waiting for the big dude to arrive.

My favourite, part of the entire afternoon ....  the Canada Post guy with the real white whiskers and white hair strolling behind the mail truck (collect letter for Santa) and the kid rushing out to hug him because they thought he was the real deal.

Made me a little misty it did.  

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