Thursday, May 17, 2012

Long Weekend Baking

Boozy Banana Pound Cake

May 2-4 weekend if upon us.  Even though it is not actually May 24th, 
and the weekend is not technically referred to as "May 2-4" (it's Victoria Day weekend to celebrate the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II - I know it is confusing but it is the first long weekend of summer - just go with it), I like to think of it as the first "perfect food" weekend of summer.

I will also admit that bananas, bourbon, and chocolate chips are 
really traditional Canadian foods, 
BUT, this is the first "PERFECT FOOD" weekend so I won't get too fussy.

Once AGAIN comes through with this delightful gem.

The booze, bananas and chocolate are drizzled with a caramel sauce whilst still warm.

That can't be a bad thing.

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