Sunday, May 5, 2013

90 Days and Counting

We sold our home this week.
It went much quicker than I had anticipated
which means all my emotional planning
has had to be pushed forward to meet our deadlines.

Change -  that's what it is.
I'm a woman in constant change;
physical, emotional, life.
I've had some moments over the last few days when I thought 
"I can't do this".
This morning, whilst lying in bed
(the first night I've slept through the night all week)
I remembered,
 since I've turned forty, 
I've become a long distance endurance athlete, 
a university graduate (twice),
I've change my life direction.
I admitted I am an artist and not a corporate manager.
I've done the things I thought I couldn't do but did them anyway.
This is just something else on my life list.
So over the next 90 days I have a great deal to do.

Oh, and B.C., look out,  I'm on my way.

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