Sunday, July 3, 2011

Second half of 2011

There has been good and bad over the first half of 2011. The bad was we lost both our Bonnie and our Hershey, but the good is that we found Moose, I was able to complete the full and the half at Disney, we have had good health, and we are about to welcome Katie into our family. Alright, we have already welcomed Katie, but we get to do it with a big party, and by god, there will be cake and dancing. I love cake.

As we begin the second half of our calendar year, I thought I needed to but some goals in writing and by publishing them, well that makes me a wee bit more accountable for them, doesn't it???? So here we go ..

  1. complete and launch my website
  2. complete proposals for a minimum of three shows
  3. complete proposals for a minimum of 5 workshops
  4. train and complete the Wineglass Half this October
  5. trim off 5 pounds (not unreasonable)
  6. paint upstairs bathrooms (that would be two)
  7. have a kick-ass video for the wedding
  8. Exercise daily
  9. make art DAILY
  10. work on my 2012 sketchbook
  11. have a wonderful time in Haliburton at the workshop and with Murman
  12. Have quality time with Murman
There will be more, but this is a good start.

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