Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Canada Day

I am just a few hours early but I wanted to one of the first to wish everyone a Happy Canada Day. I thought I would share a couple of digital pics I have of Canada Day festivities I have attended in recent years.

This one was taken in Victoria BC on the lawns of their provincial Parliament building during their Canada day party. I am particularly fond of the use of the hockey stick as a flag pole. The crowd of people in the background (dressed in red and white t-shirts) were taking part in the construction of a human Canadian Flag which was photographed for the next day's newspaper.

This was taken last year on Yonge Street, here in Aurora, during our annual parade. We live in an area which has LOTS of horses so they are part of the parade down Yonge Street. And, like the sign says "Poop Happens". This lady had volunteered her time to drive the cart and scoop the poop.

I have a side of salmon on a cedar plank for the grill tomorrow, but alas, there will be no butter tarts. I need to have some control of my eating over the next few weeks.

So let me know what your plans are for this holiday weekend or just what transpires. Be safe and have fun.

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