Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy August - mid point of Summer

It is hard to believe that the summer is already "half" over. Next long weekend will be my son't wedding. I have so much to do to get ready. I am creating a "video/slideshow" of the bride and groom and have been scanning the family archive like a crazy person. I am also scanning pictures of my husband, sister and me when we were small. This juicy wee one is me taken sometime during the summer of 1961. This is the only nude image you are going to get of me so enjoy it while you can. As I look over family images, and dig and discover some I haven't seen in a long time it is bringing back so many memories of when my boys were small. At the time it was so difficult raising three active busy boys who were always into something (often the fridge). I remember how tired I always was and frustrated by the mess, their hormones, and the "tude" (a.k.a ATTITUDE). Right now, I miss all of that so much. I miss breakfast before Saturday morning hockey games. I miss having to drive home after soccer with all the windows open because the smell was overwhelming. I miss Rocky when he was a puppy and like to swim in the pond with the ducks and the geese and he would emerge covered in sludge. I miss holidays when we would all climb into my bed and watch movies on the TV in my room.

I am very excited that they will ALL be home at the end of the month for Luke's wedding. NO, there will not be any snuggling in bed to watch movies. Hold on now, may if we have a king sized bed at the hotel the weekend of the wedding with can all climb in. Just for old times sake. Or just for Mom's sake.

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