Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sights and wanderings

In Ontario, we see to do battle with colour.
Oh yes, it can be achieved it you are prepared to ensure
your pots and gardens get enough water, 
not so much sun that they shrivel.
Beds need to be prepared and cared for.
not in Victoria.
These icelandic poppies where growing in mass, in the lawn, just were they grew

These just grew in some space in the rock

along a driveway, next to a wooden fence

Along the sidewalk

Along the roof of the porch

Under a veranda

garden pots and wind chimes

And,  It seem that VW van never rust 
or go out of style.

these are only two of many I've seen.
Sadly, these two didn't have Kayak racks.

There are alot of paddlers in BC

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