Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I bought cupcakes - big surprise

I made the trip to Kitchener/Waterloo the The Cakebox/Sweet Indulgence this morning and ordered the cake for Luke and Katie's wedding. It will be everything we hoped it would be, but I am unable to share details as of course it needs to be a surprise for the guests. Stay tuned. But, while I was there, and in the interest of quality control, and sharing important information I purchased a small selection of their cupcakes - just to reassure myself that the wedding cake would be as yummy as I know it will be.

In the centre we have a lemon/blueberry cupcake. At 12 o'clock a vanilla with strawberry buttercream. Three o'clock is a carrot with cream cheese cupcake. Six o'clock is a chocolate mint. 7 o'clock is vanilla with white chocolate raspberry buttercream. Lastly, chocolate with a peanut butter butter cream. I really don't know why I needed to buy six as we will be heading down there again next month for a tasting and to select the three flavours for the three different tiers, but well, I was caught up in the moment, and well will you just look at them!!! I left six other flavours and they had cakepops in the coolest colours and flavours and everything and lets not even get into the decorated cookies ....... I'll let you know which one(s) where best (hahahha)

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