Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Me and Mrs. Fisher Tea Shoppe

I know they are in the UK but in the spirit of sharing, have you EVER seen anything as delightful as this???? It was part of the Easter cupcake workshop and the most precious little girl make this. I found it on their FB page (I don't really know HOW I found their FB page but that is another story for another day). I have made a decision though, and that is, it is far better for me to spend my time surfing the next for cupcakes and cupcake recipes that to search for say English Spring Spaniel puppies (those make me want one badly) or worse, English Springer Spaniel Rescue websites (they make we weepy and believing that those poor babies desperately need me). There is a Springer coming into rescue in Ontario shortly and her name is .... wait for it ..... Lulu. No picture posted or anything but somehow I just know that I should take it as a sign and she needs Hershey and I. Murray doesn't see it in the same light and prefers that I surf for cupcakes, wedding cakes, cookies, pies, butter tarts and anything that can be grilled on the BBQ. I also need to slow down on surfing mls listings for homes on the Gulf Coast Islands in BC. The little blue house with the fish pond AND Lottie sized separate little, also blue, studio was sold this past weekend. This can only mean there is another even better house out there. Right!!

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