Sunday, May 1, 2011

Waging war on Lilly Beetles

It is yet another wet, cool damp day here, and while my garden is starting to grow, the miserable weather has not done anything to the Lilly Beetle population. While I try to take a live and let live approach to life these foul little red bugs eat my ornamental lilies leaving nothing behind but stock of beetle poo covered stock with no leaves and mushy holey petals. Gross. I was once told (by a master gardener no less) that the only means to control them was to squish them between two rocks. Note I said control not eliminate, because I don't think you can eliminate them. This year I am trying Neem oil. This morning, when I saw a few of these scarlet coloured pests, eating tender shoot I whipped up a batch. Wearing my sexy rubber boots, and fleece jacket, a big scarf and work gloves (note to self - get more garden gloves) I set about spritzing the bastards with this concoction that smelt like your green bin in the garage on a let August afternoon (major stink). I have been told I may have to spray this stuff all over my lilies all summer, as they grow, to protect the new growth from the bugs. Damn. The things I do for a luscious garden.

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