Saturday, May 14, 2011

Reducing my sugar consumption

Doing something new, say exercising, is not like giving something up. It's easy to add something but much more difficult to removed something that you really really enjoy. Thus my sugar dilemia. I really need to cut back (I can feel it in my system when I indulge) but my problem is I LOVE SUGAR AND ALL SUGAR RELATED PRODUCTS. Sigh......................

In the plan to go out with a bang I got this for my husband yesterday. I got is at a french patisserie in Queen East and when I walked in it said "HELLO, OVER HERE .... YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO TAKE ME HOME".. So I did. It is (was) the size of a cupcake and look at all those tiny, dainty, yummy, macaroons????? I just had a taste, as that was all I wanted, but from here on in I am going to reduce my sugar consumption. Please notice I said reduce not eliminate. That would just be ridiculious.

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