Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day two with the "Bean"

Sorry dear readers, but you must indulge me a few days as I provide updates on life with Mr. Bean here. He as been no trouble at all. I mean, at bed time I say goodnight and point to his doggie bed and he goes to sleep. If only the grandkids were last easy. As you might notice in the picture is sits oddly, which we had thought on Saturday when we met him and his foster mom what just part of his quirky personality. Now I am concerned he might have some weakness in his hind end, so we will be visiting the vet today for his heart worm meds, a diet and exercise plan (he and I will have a biggest loser thing going on) and a rear end alinement assessment. We are also going to the dog wash as at 80 pounds there is no way I can lift him into my laundry tub and be probably won't fit anyway. Also, we would like to thank Tag and her Mom for the blueberry doggie treats they brought by yesterday. Last night on our walk I thought Beans had blueberry scented toots, but it turns out Dad had brought doggie treats in his pocket. Thank goodness. I might not have been able to eat blueberries again.

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