Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just because I can

I have recently learned that many family members DO NOT read my blogs on a regular basis. I feel that this gives me the opportunity to post pics that, while not embarrassing, are just generally silly. Any picture of anyone, taken in the tire of a large truck should be shared. Why do we do such things (take the picture that is). What does it mean. The truck is big and a fantastic shade of Lottie Lime, but this is one of those images that will remain in the family archive until such times as someone looks at it and says "Oh, is that Grampa as a young dude???". "I wonder where is was taken" (on our way to Fernie, BC - Leigha's graduation for College of the Rockies -MAST Program). I have to say it was a great trip. We rented a camper (renamed "The Love Shack on Wheels), and we travelled from Calgary to Fernie, back up to Golden, then to Lake Louise and Banff and back to Calgary. On the way to spotted and documented this truck for all the grandkids who would follow who loved big trucks.

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