Saturday, March 19, 2011

Canada Blooms - Frankie Flowers

I was so fortunate enough to have a friend give me a ticket to Canada Blooms, a large garden show here in Toronto. Even though we have had much warmer weather and sunshine in recent days it was fabulous to be surrounded by colour and scent with all the gardens.

My day started with my giving Canadian Garden Guru and Breakfast Television weather guy Frank Ferragine (aka Frankie Flowers) the thrill of his life (alright, maybe mine too) by having our picture taken together. His camera guy obliged with my camera and commented that I was sassy enough I could work with them. I told him he was correct and not to forget it.

I loved looking at the colour and texture of the flowers. Many of these colours have been manipulated by the growers and the florists (they use spray on colour and coloured water to draw the colours through the stems to the blooms) but I love the effects.

Tulips are a sure sign of spring. They had large runs of tulips in orange, white, and pink. Just gorgeous. I looked at my images when I got home and the colour was fantastic.

What a great day

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