Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Quinoa Brownies - Not too Bad at All

My husband has been fed quinoa in a variety of forms over the past few days and hasn't complained ... yet. I cooked up a batch and put some in vegetable soup AND THEN I found a recipe for brownies using cooked quinoa instead of flour. I was a little apprehensive but still curious. I have to tell you I was very please with the end result. They were rich without being overwhelming, but still had a nice nutty chewy texture and very moist. I tossed in a few chocolate chips and some pecans and I will make them again. Next time I am going to try using aguave syrup rather than the sugar. The recipe was on the President's Choice website if you are interested. My next plan is to learn how to post websites to my blog posts. hahaha

Until then


  1. Well, jeepers, Lottie. If you're going to cheat and toss in chocolate chips and pecans...!

    On the other hand, someone I met at running camp last year specializes in "black bean brownies" - he mixes a can of rinsed, pureed black beans with low fat brownie mix, and bakes according to the package instructions. He swears by it; I think he's NUTS.

  2. I've heard of that. ALso I have heard of making brownies with cooked and grated beets. I'll just have to try them and let you know.

  3. Lottie! those brownies sound interesting! please share the recipe!
    have you ever tried brownies with whole wheat flour? I know it sounds kind of disasterous but it's actually very tasty!