Friday, March 11, 2011

I may have lost my 'Green Thumb' status

I think I killed my schefflera. I don't typically kill plants and I must say it has cause not a small amount of disappointment in myself. It is/was a lovely specimen, about 36" across and the same high with glossy deep green leaves. It also had, as is it's custom this time of year, a bit of scale (bugs). Annoying as always, and of course I wanted to protect my other vegetation, so I had an idea (first mistake). Last week we had a glorious afternoon when the sun shone, melted the snow on our south facing deck even allowed the deck to dry. It was warm enough to go outside without jacket or boots. I thought "hey, why not put the plant outside for a couple of hours, clean it up, prune a little, and maybe kill the scale". I promise the plant wasn't out for more than an hour or so in full sun. I didn't think it was that cold, but alas, I was wrong. I have swept up about 30% of the leaves, others are drooping (badly), many are turning brown and planning their decent to the floor. The scale however is completely gone. I got the little suckers. I am hoping the schefflera will hold on for a few more weeks then I will take it outside (again) and let the warmth (ok maybe it need heat) will work it's wonders. I hope.

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