Monday, February 28, 2011

Enjoying my Yarn Projects

It is a cold, damp, blustery Monday here so I thought I would share my current knitting project. This is a blanket I am making for myself with hand spun, hand dyed yarn I purchased at 'Unwind', a 'Yummy Yarn Shoppe', on the main street of Newmarket. The yarn in a natural fibre and has a hardy yet cosy texture to it, and of course I fell in love with the colours of the kit. Each colour seems to come from the kitchen, with shades from pumpkin, coffee, kale, and tea. There is a special smell to this yarn as well, which makes me think it might be from the animals the yarn was shorn from, for perhaps from the processes of preparing it. It is not a nasty smell at all, but rather a musky smell, very pleasant.

With the month of March beginning tomorrow, I am anxious to complete the blanket so I can wrap myself into it for warmth and comfort.

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