Friday, February 11, 2011

Bringing Visual Warmth into my Home

While is France and Italy I noticed the flower markets. They were everywhere. They even had flower stalls on the sidewalks in the same manner that we have street food vendors, selling hot dogs and fresh cut fries (did you notice the difference in caloric intake between the various types of stalls??). Europeans purchase flowers as a staple for their homes, in the same manner that they purchase fine cheese, fresh bread, good wine and the best seasonal produce. Here, we dash into a grocery store to buy bread, milk, and a BBQ chicken to taken home with a bag of salad. Well, I have decided to start with small changes and I will be bring flowers into my home. Each week I will have different blooms of different colours and fragrances and tropical greenery to enjoy. I need to be careful with the bread and cheese, or I will need a new wardrobe to go with this new lifestyle.

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