Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My word for the year

I follower blogger from around the world who write on a variety of topic. I enjoy foodie blogs, sustainability, health fitness, and of course art art art. In December and January, many bloggers wrote about their words for 2011. Words for 2011??? I am a little slow but I caught on. Many wrote that their word were beauty, serenity, joy. It took me some time but I have finally decided what my word for this year will be:


I have decided to embrace this word in all the I say and do. My 30 y/o Webster's dictionary defines 'Lusciousness'

Having a delicious taste or smell, excessively sweet, having a sensual appeal, richly luxurious or appealing to the senses.

I like this word. I am going to embrace it in my art, my food (I can see it being more healthy) my environment and in my body (I am going to embrace the lusciousness of my body). Oh yes indeed, having a word of the year, lusciousness, is going to be a good thing.

Lusciousness Lusciousness Lusciousness

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