Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Why am I drinking Herbal Tea?????

This is a espresso I had in Pradua, Italy. It was PERFECT. So was the location, the room, the company and the language spoken to order it. Alright, I'll admit it, the day was perfect (and it got better) but I do remember the coffee. Lately I have been cutting back on my caffeine intake due to sleeping problems. If only my sleep could be as perfect as that coffee. Thanks to Galen Weston and his buddies at President's Choice I have been drinking more of their herbal teas. They are naturally caffeine free you know. They are supposed me make me calm, peaceful, soothed, relaxed, less irritable, settle my belly, slow down the aging process, prevent and cure headaches, increase libido, reduce allergies and ease menstrual cramps. I am embracing the warm flavour of these bevies and imagining each to be a rich creamy latte (or cappuccino) with a little almond cookie on the side. I need to work on my imagination a bit more, but I think you understand.

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