Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Greetings and Salutations

It has been said, of me no less, that I write well. I have never considered myself a writer but rather a visual artist and one does lend itself to the other now that I think about it. As I have been having some mid life issues (all hormonal if you know what i am saying) I thought that in additional to the exercise, journalling, yoga, and meditation I would ALSO try a written outlet as a means of getting this out there. Letting go, as I have been told t do, is not a simple exercise especially if you have held on so tightly for so very very long.

So here is my first entry into this outlet. For today I am just saying "hello", and thank you for taking a moment to read what is on y mind.

My youngest son is coming home from a six month adventure of living in Vancouver. While I know that he enjoyed it very much (living under a staircase in a loft with six others), I will admit that I have missed him (he did remember to call on my birthday and on Christmas but other than that .....). Today and tomorrow I get to be Mom again. All my material instincts are coming out full bore. As he has already found a new place to live and will not be living at home I am gathering all those basics supplies, that as Mom, I am sure he will need. I am also baking (banana bread and cookies) and freezing a few dinners to get him started. After being a full time Mom for so long I had no idea how much I missed being needed on a regular basis. OH OH OH hold on..... here is my first letting go....... I am letting go of being needed ALL the time and embracing of being needed SOME of the time. This means there is more time for me, MY ART, my home and of course more quality time with my husband. That will be after I have finished my baking.

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  1. Wish you all the best :) Enjoy being 'needed' and 'wanted', well, above all, letting go of :)