Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Further Introductions

I would like to introduce our Hershey. Hershey became part of our family almost eight years ago. We decided that our other Springer (Rocky) was getting older and slower and needed a friend to give him a little mental and physical challenge and Hershey was the man for the job. We have no idea how old Hersh really is as he was found as a stray and spent about six weeks at the Brockville animal shelter before we found him and sprung him. It was a four hour drive each way to bring him home and he was beyond happy to be free. Leigha kept telling her Dad to drive carefully on the way home because we had "Precious Cargo" in the back with her.

He is an outdoorsy kind of guy, and loves to visit new friends who are cooking on the BBQ, or are making bacon for breakfast. It has been very obvious that he has also missed Bonny this past week but he is coming around. I am so glad that he is happy and healthy and that we will have him for some time still to come.

I have decided that since Hershey and I will be sharing quality time with just the two of us we are going to be doing things that we couldn't do with Bonny. We are going to do day hikes on the trails, day trips to the lake, maybe a few play dates (am I expressing my maternal instincts with a dog instead of a child??? - I have grandchildren, but it is the whole thing about being needed - daily). Anyway, I also think that he will make a great subject for some of my art. I had a prof at YorkU who used his Cairn Terrier (whom he loved) in the creation of much of his work. Michael created large sculptures with found materials, and often these materials were items that the two of them found in their wonderings. Great work and great meaning because it was an archive of the time they spent together.

Who knows what Hershey and I will create.

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