Thursday, February 10, 2011

On being distorted

This image is a very good portrait of how I am felling at the moment. Blurred, bloated, warped, there is a sense of being muddled. I feel a need to write, which is new to me, so I am going to pursue this need, though oddly, I don't know what I am going to say. Those of you who know me, know that it is a rare day that I don't have something to say on any number of subjects.

OH, I have just had the thought of writing on being blurred and muddled.

Just to clarify my mind I have looked into my trusty dictionary for direction. Just as I thought, being blurred is being out of focus yet being muddled has two meanings. Firstly, yes it does mean being confused (me???) but, it can also mean to mix ingredients (you have heard of muddling ingredients in making cocktails???). Maybe I am not confused or blurred, MAYBE I am just mixing many idea and thoughts together, blending and combining them into something new. Once this new product has had a chance to settle, mature, develop and and bloom into something truly outstanding (and I mean Really OUTSTANDING), then, and only then, will I have something even greater than what I started with.

I like this idea. I think is has real potential as THE explanation of all things in my head at the moment. Yes indeed, this had got to explain everything that needs to be explained right now.

Isn't it grand that I have been able to solve one (just one) of the great mysteries in my life. Now we just have to wait and see where this great new product will take me.

Onward and beyond.

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